Melbourne Rug Dyeing & Restorations

Melbourne Rug Dyeing & Cleaning

Melbourne Rug Dyeing & Cleaning is a part of M.C.D. and our Rug Dyeing & Restoration service is the perfect solution to prevent expensive replacement.

Rugs that have faded from sunlight or chemical exposure may be restored back to their original colour through our expert colour restoration service.

Rug Dyeing

Dyes are guaranteed permanent and colourfast, and your freshly-dyed Persian or Oriental rug may be walked on immediately. Our process is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Rug Dyeing We dyed this dull faded pink rug to a spectacular hot pink for a port Melbourne artist.. Pic doesn’t show how bright it is
Changing Rug Colour We were asked to change this red rug to a vibrant purple for a Melbounre clothing design shop that suited their new clothing range

Rug Dyeing Here is an example of colours we can dye your rugs
Oriental Rug Dyeing Oriental Rug Colour Restoration

Rug Cleaning

With our Rug Washing technique we can lovingly restore your rugs to their former glory using the best Rug Cleaning Products on the market and ensure they are cleaned correctly to the highest possible standards.

Rug Cleaning This rug had had lots of traffic and wear and as you can see the dirt lifted right out with the right treatment.
Rug Cleaning After cleaning this rug the colours came up like new again, this rug had a lot of dirt in it

Rug Rejuvanation

You’re Rug or Rugs are thoroughly cleaned on top and underneath before we re-dye them. We can perform a colour rejuvenation service, restoring your rug’s original colour or we can completely change your rugs colour to match some new decor in your house.

Restoring this rugs colour MCD is restoring this beautiful rug with permanent dyes
Rug Dyeing Changeing the white to a grey to suit the clients kitchen and family room.

Frequantly Asked Rug Questions

Does the size of the rug matter?

No we tailor our services to meet the needs of the smallest to largest rugs, nothing is too big or to small, though the larger the rug the higher chance it may need to be done off site, for the clients convenience.

Is rug dyeing cheap?

This is a common question and the answer is allays generally replied with a question, is the rug cheap? If so unless it has sentimental value then no rug dyeing isn’t cheap this is a service that helps rejuvenate valued items, that rather than be replaced deserve to be restored.

This in some cases can save up to 60% worth’s of the rugs value replacement!

Can I dye my own rug?

This all depends we are always happy to try and meet the needs of all of our clients requests, and can provide desired colours, this being said colour correction and spot dyeing is not recommended to be done by anyone other than a trained dye specialist.

Do we sell dye kits?

We can provide clients with ready to use colours, dye that’s once added to hot water, can be used to restore and transform fabrics right in your own home!

Can the rug be cleaned in the future?

Yes we guarantee our dyes are 100% permanent and colour fast.

Should I have the rug cleaned first?

It is not necessary to pre-clean the rugs. Our process will include this, we pre clean rugs to remove any soils and post clean to remove any excess dye leaving the rug fresh and clean for use, deodorising also being an option.

Can we lighten rugs?

This option is only able to occur on select fibre, this would need to be determined with a fibre identification test, to insure the rug is 100% wool.

Can a rug be dyed more than one colour?

Yes, colour choices are endless and clients are able to decide on colour/colours, if the colour wanted is an option for example a black rug could not be dyed multiple colours, or any colour lighter then itself unless it’s 100% wool and lightening may be an option.

Can synthetic rugs be dyed?

Yes, we have found the latest formulated dyes that attach to highly synthetic fibres such as polypropylene and polyester.

Can wool blends be dyed?

Yes, all fibres depending on purpose can be dyed.

Google Reviews:

Bruce Stephens
12:09 27 Aug 19
Many thanks to Haylie and Sharyn for a fantastic result with our carpet colour change. The advice provided was invaluable, and Haylie your a more
Heather Cawsey -Noble
00:34 21 Aug 19
I’m very happy with the quality of the work the girls did. Very professional and went above and beyond. Highly recommendread more
Victor Maree
23:39 16 Aug 19
Thank you, ladies! Excellent service and an excellent result, we couldn’t recommend you more highly.
03:48 12 Jul 19
(Translated by Google) The best, no one! The best ever!! The stains are gone!! Such amazing! Sharyn amd Hayley are the best! The carpet was burnt out and the result was fixed!(Original)最好的,没有之一!the best ever!! The stains are gone!! Such amazing! Sharyn amd Hayley are the best! 地毯本来被烧坏了,结果修复了!read more
Ian Lacey
13:53 10 Jul 19
Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly team. Did an amazing job and their customer service is fantastic. Cannot recommend highly enough. Don't look anywhere else!read more
Dawn Hutchinson
04:23 18 Jun 19
Highly recommend their work very knowledgeable in this field and excellent result
David Jones
06:35 22 May 19
2 x Bengal Cats vs Rental House Carpet...Bengals for the win.2 x Bengal Cats vs MCD Carpet Dye...MCD wins by a mile. Thank you, I got my bond back 100% 👍. Plus they let me off my windows as they reckon the carpet looks better than when I more
Fiona Beasey
12:39 09 Apr 19
Very professional service with great advice on what to use to clean dirty spots on your carpets without destroying your carpet. They definitely know what they are doing. Had my carpets dry cleaned and bleach like spots on my carpet dyed. I couldn’t be happier with the results my carpet looks brand new again and you could not even tell where the bleach spots were. Would definitely recommend GV. �read more
Trent Savage
03:43 24 Feb 19
We had a number of pet stains; between the urine and the cleaning products I used the carpet was bleached and permanently damaged.I reached out to the ladies at Melbourne Carpet Dying who empathetically explained what has happened to the carpet and what could be done. After a couple of SMS messages I had received my quote and agreed on a time for the repair work. The Ladies arrived on time and re-dyed all the beached spots - I would have a hard time finding them again - the quality of work and attention to detail was excellent. They also cleaned an area that wasn't included in the quote - They explained to us how to avoid damage in the future and left us with some of the dye they had made. If you have damaged carpet - call the team at Melbourne Carpet Dyeing - they offer a great service at a reasonable more
Richard Constantine
00:28 06 Feb 19
Both Sharyn and Hayley are very friendly, prompt, honest and did a fantastic colour match on our colour-worn leather couch. They are very reasonably priced and no fuss. Highly recommend their expertise in restoring leather to as new condition. Saved a packet when faced with the alternative of buying a whole new lounge suite! Highly recommend them AAAA+++read more
Fiona Leeming
05:48 31 Jan 19
Our carpets were old and faded with lots of stains and Sharyn was very upfront with the results we could expect. Sharyn and Hayley did a great job, on time and as quoted. Highly recommend their work!read more
Nicholas Lim
10:07 19 Jan 19
True blue professionals!! Do not go anywhere else! Sharyn and Hailey did an absolutely amazing job for my entire house! Outstanding customer service and the loveliest people from the get-go!read more
Aimee Anderson
00:36 16 Jan 19
Amazing job! Carpet looks fantastic. Sharyn and Hayley are super friendly and very knowledgeable. Would absolutely recommend to anyone needing their flooring cleaned. Thank you so much for your hard work in the heat!! 😊read more
Fowzia Mohamed
04:26 19 Dec 18
Thank you Sharyn and Hayley for all your efforts in helping me get my bond back with success. Not only did they do a great job with the carpet cleaning but they also assisted and provided advice with a long bond dispute with the landlord. Thank you againread more
Tara White
21:05 27 Nov 18
All I can say is WOW! I asked for a quote and got one within half an hour, once I gave the go ahead to have the work completed they were able to fit me in that same day, now that is AMAZING service! I love how they explained everything while on site and explained the full process. I know that if I ever need their services in the near future, I know I will be in more than capable hands. I honestly can’t recommend them enough. Amazing communication and service. Do yourself a favour and look no further! Thanks again to the team for your amazing work!read more
Karly Searle
03:40 10 Oct 18
Sharyn and Hayley are brilliant. I highly recommend them. They are not only extremely knowledgeable about their field but their customer service is unbeatable. I thought my carpet was irrepairable but the bleech stain is gone!!!read more
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Facebook Reviews:

I was really pleased with not only the friendly customer service, but the professionalism - and how the ladies really want to give you the best clean they can. My carpets and hard to shift stains were beautifully cleaned, and I was impressed with the after care suggestions and knowledge and experience held by the team. I can’t recommend MCLD highly enough and will use them again.
Donna Beaty
Donna Beaty
22:04 24 Jun 19
Full communication and explanation of the job step by step . Lovely passionate ladies with great training to back them up but most of all leather damaged couch repair restored as new on my 2 year old white couch. Can’t thank them enough. Would definitely recommend Melbourne Carpet and Leather Dyeing. Thanks ladies
Dawn Hutchinson
Dawn Hutchinson
04:08 18 Jun 19
Very professional service with great advice on what to use to clean dirty spots on your carpets without destroying your carpet. They definitely know what they are doing. Had my carpets dry cleaned and bleach like spots on my carpet dyed. I couldn’t be happier with the results my carpet looks brand new again and you could not even tell where the bleach spots were. Would definitely recommend GV. �
Fiona Beasey
Fiona Beasey
12:36 09 Apr 19
Amazing service ! Amazing results could not recommend these lovely ladies more !! 😍
Adam Benson
Adam Benson
02:28 18 Mar 19
Fantastic work!! We love our new “couches” and “chairs”. Lovely, professional and very helpful ladies! highly recommended.
Patricia Loayza
Patricia Loayza
10:58 25 Feb 19
These ladies deliver the goods! Really impressed with my “new” leather chairs! Love how they look. All done really quickly and delivered back to my place! Would highly recommend for any dyeing service.
Simon GCowell
Simon GCowell
03:24 20 Dec 18
Very impressed with the leather dyeing and customer service. Would recommend to anyone :)
Maddy Anderson
Maddy Anderson
09:46 21 Nov 18
Fantastic work, I’m extremely happy with the job done on my leather lounge, it looks brand new again.
Debbie Hughes-Gage
Debbie Hughes-Gage
06:24 13 Aug 18
Thanks GV what a fantastic result with my carpets, would definitely recommend GV that’s for sure, the service was out standing, thanks so much ladies.
Lisa Hill
Lisa Hill
09:10 18 Jul 18
Fantastic Company to deal with and GREAT work done by Sharyn and Hayley.
Gayle Cullin Taylor
Gayle Cullin Taylor
09:01 18 Jul 18

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